"Small Monuments" ist eine Wanderausstellung, an der ich zur Zeit teilnehme. Dieses Projekt wird von dem niederländischen Bildhauer Jan van de Pol geleitet und hat sich zur Aufgabe gesetzt Kleinskulpturen aus Stein (bis ca. 17Kg) länderübergreifend auszustellen.
Ausgestellt wird in: Niederlande, Belgien, Deutschland, USA, Portugal, England und Korea.
04.09.05 - 23.10.05 Gallery Donkersvoort, Beek & Donk (Niederlande)
29.10.05 - 18.12.05 Gallery Exelmans, Neeroeteren (Belgien)
26.02.06 - 31.03.06 Gallery Petra Jäger, Hamburg (Deutschland)
26.08.06-15.10.06 Gallery et Museum Loveland, Loveland, Colorado (USA)
November 2006 Gallery Lawrence, Portland (USA)

Bilder von der Ausstellung aus Holland (Gallery Donkersvoort)
"Small Monuments"

An international exhibition of small sculpture
in stone in different galleries all over the world.

Galerie Donkersvoort (Beek en Donk, The Netherlands) &
Galerie Exelmans (Neeroeteren, Belgium) initiate a collaborative project of international exhibitions called "Small Monuments"
You are kindly invited to participate ( The tour Netherlands-Belgium-Germany is closed for participation)

The concept is

- to exhibit small sculptures of stone (max. weight 17 kg ) of international renowned artists.
- to show the international public a variety of stone sculptures which represent the
state of art in sculpture today.
- to offer sculptors worldwide a low budget way of participating in a series of exhibitions
in recognised international galleries.
-to organise a travelling exhibition in different countries.
- to get in contact with foreign galleries to join and collaborate in this project

We have the idea that the international character of these exhibitions has an extra positive effect on each individual exhibition in each participating country.

Jan van de Pol, sculptor and co-organiser of the Holland stone sculpture symposium, will contact sculptors worldwide for these exhibitions as supervisor.

Project structure for the time being:
"Small monument" is a project
1. The joint exhibitions in a Belgian and Dutch gallery in 2005
2. A travelling exhibition in different countries in 2006/2007

1. If you are interested to participate, you can - at this moment - subsribe for the exhibitions in Portugal, England, the USA and Korea.
- You can send documentation about for ballotage .
- The exhibitions will be in 2006 -2007

2. We are still negotiating about the travelling exhibitions (2006/2007).We intent to offer you the international travel schedule of the other galleries worldwide that will participate in this project. You can decide yourself if and in how many of the exhibitions you want to participate.

Practical organisation:
-Every sculptor can exhibit one (small) sculpture made in stone.

Selection procedure?

- No restrictions will be made to type of stone, style or subject.
- The sculpture must be made in the last 5 years.
- We expect you to send in a work of high standard and quality that gives the public a good
impression of your style and work.
- A selection procedure will follow. Criteria are standard/quality of work, diversity in
styles and nationalities. For this reason we ask you to send us a photograph of the work
you want to send in, together with your application.
-Artists will be notified whether or not they have been selected.
- Galleries are free to refuse a sculpture that is damaged by transport or technically is not
suitable for exhibition.

- Sculptors are responsible for the costs of transport to and from the gallery.
- We choose for sculptures between 5 kg (no miniatures) and 17 kg.
- This weight indication gives some uniformity of sculptures for the exhibition.
It also makes clear what we mean by "small monuments".
- There is another more practical motivation. Sculptures till 20 kg (transport package
included) can be transported as a post package quickly and for a relatively cheap price.
That is the main reason why we choose for post package service.
- If a sculptor prefers to send the work by other international transport companies he can
do so, but at his expense.
- A sculpture will only be send back or send to next galleries if the costs for transport are
paid in advance (for example by an international money order). Again post package
service will be the criterion to determinate these costs..
(To be 100 % clear: if you want to participate in the "travelling exhibitions 2006/2007"
transport costs have to be paid by the sculptor for each new exhibition ).
We will contact you personally about this subject as soon as you made you application
- Costs only have to be paid after notification of selection We will contact
you personally on this matter.

The gallery
- The owner of the gallery is - as usual - responsible for everything what has to do with
the exhibition itself ( arrange the exhibition, publicity, invitation cards, insurance in the gallery, etc..)

Sculptors information:
- Sculptors will be asked to send information of their work (photographs, curriculum vitae,
website, catalogue). Most important is to send a good photograph ( on paper or digital ) of
the work you propose for exhibition.

How can I subscribe?
Send an e-mail ( doespol@planet.nl ) or a letter to Jan van de Pol

"I……… am interested to participate in "Small Monuments". I declare to be fully aware
of and to agree with the conditions of the project.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.
Contact person:
Jan van de Pol
De Wolfsputten 4
5709 PB Helmond
The Netherlands
Tel. 00-31-492-383794
E-mail : doespol@planet.nl

This project is started by galleries:

Galerie Donkersvoort, Nelleke van den Oever,
Donkersvoortsestraat 3,
5741 RL Beek en Donk (The Netherlands) Tel. 00-31-499- 422952
E-mail: Donkersvoort@zonnet.nl
Website:http:// galerie-donkersvoort.kunstinzicht.nl

Galerie Exelmans,Alfons Exelmans,Zandbergerstraat 10,3680 Neeroeteren Maaseik, (Belgium)Tel. 00-32- 89 - 864558